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Everyone has to start somewhere. Perhaps you are just starting out in life and want to get started on the right foot. Maybe you have been on the journey for a while and have gotten a little off track. Or, it could be that you are nearing retirement and realize that you may not reach your goals due to unexpected changes in your life or in the economy.

No matter where you are on your journey, it's never too late to better prepare for the future and fulfill God's purpose for your life based on His principles. The Crown Money Map™ makes it easy to set and track your goals to reach significant milestones and move from one Destination to the next.

The Crown Money Map™ will work best for you when you review your goals and milestones often. Like any journey, sometimes you'll take two steps forward and one back. Don't be discouraged! Crown is here to help you each step of the way, and we hope you won't forget to celebrate your accomplishments along the way.



Getting Started on the Crown Money Map™

Step One:

Download the "Getting Started on Your Journey" Guide

We all need directions at some point in our lives. Now is the time to take the first – or the next step – in your financial journey. The FREE download "Getting Started on Your Journey" explains how finances reflect faith and offers tips to apply God's wisdom.

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Step Two:

Register to get started personalizing your goals and to start your journey to True Financial Freedom! After you have registered, you will be able to complete Steps 3-5.



Once you have registered, you can access the "My Map" section of the site to complete the following:

Step Three:

Complete My Life Purpose: Your life purpose is the fuel that drives you to the destination of True Financial Freedom. It's the motivation that propels you. (You must log in to complete and save your progress online.)

Step Four:

Complete My Financial Goals: Goals are the steps you will take to accomplish your life purpose. Setting goals gives you the drive to continue toward True Financial Freedom. (You must log in to complete and save your progress online.)

Step Five:

Track Milestones and Destination Completion: It is important to recognize how far you have come on your journey and which milestones you have reached. You'll review the seven Destinations and check off what you've already accomplished and then start with the first destination you've not yet finished. For example, if you haven't saved $1,000 for emergencies, you'll start at Destination 1. Although the destinations progress in order, you may find that you've completed parts of several destinations. (You must log in to complete and save your progress online.)

Destinations on Crown Money Map™